46. Friends Betrayal


Benjamin and Kyle are best friends. They met when they were 10 years old. They were both in the same swim class. They became the fastest swimmers in their class. They joined the swim team at their high school. Even though they were great swimmers, Benjamin and Kyle had different personalities. Benjamin was book smart. He had straight A's in all his classes, even the advanced ones. Kyle was street smart. He knew how to get what he wanted.

Benjamin and Kyle both wanted to be the swim team captain. However, there can only be one. Whoever got the most votes would be the next captain. Kyle was worried, because he knew that Benjamin was more popular than him. A lot of the other team members thought Kyle was a bit mean. Kyle had a plan though. The next day, he gathered up all the swim team members except Benjamin to meet him at the pool.

"Hey guys, I know you want to vote for Benjamin, and I think he's a great guy. The thing is, he would be a terrible captain. He always puts school first. He would rather study for a test than practice his breast strokes. I love swim and would put everything I have into this team." Kyle knew what he did was bad, but he wanted to be captain so badly that he did not care.

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