45. Fireball Wings


Lillian loves spicy food. She has a high tolerance for it, which means that she can eat a lot of it without suffering. Sometimes, she even adds more chili to spicy food! Lillian and her friends decide to try the Fireball Wings at a popular chicken wing place in their town. The Fireball Wings were supposed to be so spicy that you could still feel the burn after one hour of eating a bite.

Lillian and her friends had to sign a waiver to eat the wings so that they couldn't sue the business if they had any health problems after eating the wings. Lillian was excited. Finally the plate of wings came in, and everyone could smell the chilli. One of her friends sneezed because the smell was so strong.

Lillian took the first bite. It was hot! She started panting and breathing heavily. She drank some water, but it was still hot. Her friends ordered some milk for her. Milk is supposed to be good for dealing with spicy food. Lillian drank two glasses of milk, but her mouth was still burning. Her friends decided not to eat the wings, because if Lillian couldn't handle it, then they surely wouldn't!

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