44. Taking Revenge


Hannah was a good girl. She went to school on time; she did well in class; she was nice to everyone; she played soccer; she volunteered at the homeless shelter once a week. Hannah was about to go bad though. Yesterday, someone robbed her house. She felt sad that bad things could happen to her even though she never did anything wrong.

Hannah decided to take revenge. Through her neighbor, she found out who robbed her. It was someone who lived just three streets down. At night, Hannah dressed in black and wore a mask. She was going to take back what the robber took and more. She wanted him to feel what she and her family felt.

Hannah unlocked the door with a paperclip and went inside the house. She saw her belongings near the fireplace. She grabbed the belongings and put them inside a big, black bag. She also stole some money, although it wasn't a lot. She realized that there wasn't anything worth stealing, so she spray painted the walls.

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