33. Started From the Bottom


Right now, Eileen is a famous fashion designer. She started from the bottom though. She was raised by a single mother with five other siblings. There was barely enough to eat. In fact, there were a lot of days when she just ate an apple and a slice of bread. Eileen also lived in a bad neighborhood, where hearing gunshots was normal.

Eileen didn't do well in school either. She had a hard time focusing, and often fell asleep while her teachers were talking. It was hard to think about George Washington or the scientific theory when you had personal problems. Because she didn't do well in school and she needed money, Eileen didn't go to college. She immediately worked at a clothing store as a cashier.

Eileen would sketch designs during her break time. One lucky day, the owner at the time saw her designs and was impressed. He offered Eileen a position as a designer. Eileen worked for her boss for five years before starting her own company called Bottomless. There are now Bottomless stores in over 100 countries! Eileen has been on many talk shows speaking about her rise to success.

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