32. A New Haircut


Angie was a fashion model. The modeling industry was a tough world. Although it looks glamorous, it is hard to make it big in the industry. Angie's agent suggested that she get a new haircut to make her stand out. Angie currently had long, blonde hair. She did not have a unique look. Angie didn't want to cut her hair though. She loved it.

Angie and her agent went to a fancy hair salon called Cute Cuts. The hair stylist was world renowned. "Cut nine inches off and spike up her hair like a boy's hair," the agent said. Angie was nervous. The hair stylist stroked her long hair. "Are you ready to be a star?" the hair stylist asked. Angie slowly nodded her head. She wasn't ready, but it didn't matter.

Angie listened to classical music while the hair stylist cut her hair. She tried to fall asleep so she wouldn't have to think about her hair. After 45 minutes, the hair stylist removed the hair towel. "Ta da!" she said. Angie started crying. She thought she looked awful! "You'll feel better once you book jobs," the agent said. Although Angie didn't like her haircut, she admitted that it was going to make her stand out.

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