27. A Hero


Joy, Samantha, and Maggie were walking around town. The weather was nice; everyone seemed happy; the girls had each other. Just when everything seemed perfect, the girls heard a scream. "That man just took my purse!" an old lady shouted. Joy ran after the man without thinking. She was a professional track runner, so she was fast. She caught up to him easily.

"Hey, give that bag back!" Joy demanded. The man tried to run away, but Joy snatched the bag away from him before he could. A police officer saw the whole thing happening. "I can take it from here," he told Joy. Joy thanked him. "Next time, don't run after criminals. You might get hurt," he said.

Joy gave the bag back to the old lady. The old lady was so happy and called Joy a hero. She took out her wallet and gave Joy $50! Samantha and Maggie were impressed with Joy. "You did a great thing, Joy." Samantha said. Joy blushed. She didn't feel like a hero. The next day, the city newspaper wanted to do a story and interview with Joy. Joy decided to do it, because a little part of her wanted to be famous.

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