26. School Mascot


Lisa needed a job to pay for a car. She needed a car so she could get to school and other places more easily. Lisa saw an ad looking for a school mascot. It was paying $12 an hour, which was a lot for a high school student. She went to the try-outs. The interviewer asked Lisa why she wanted the job, and why she thought she would be a good fit. Lisa said that she was very proud of being a tiger and would love to get other students excited about the school's sports teams.

Lisa found out that she got the job! Her first day of work would be at the football game tonight. When she got to the football field, she put on her costume and her tiger head. It was smelly and hot inside. She kept thinking about how she needed a car. Then, she overheard someone say that it would suck to wear the tiger costume. Lisa felt bad about the job.

Lisa's high school football team won. The crowd got up from their seats and cheered. A lot of people wanted to take a picture with the tiger. Lisa spent an hour just taking pictures. After the day was over, Lisa thought about how much money she made. It was the only thing keeping her going.

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