27. A Hero

Joy, Samantha, and Maggie were walking around town. weather was nice; everyone seemed happy; the girls each other. Just when everything seemed perfect, the heard a scream. "That man just took my !" an old lady shouted. Joy ran after the without thinking. She was a professional track runner, she was fast. She caught up to him .

"Hey, give that bag back!" Joy demanded. The tried to run away, but Joy snatched the away from him before he could. A police saw the whole thing happening. "I can take from here," he told Joy. Joy thanked him. " time, don't run after criminals. You might get ," he said.

Joy gave the bag back to old lady. The old lady was so happy called Joy a hero. She took out her and gave Joy $50! Samantha and Maggie were with Joy. “You did a great thing Joy,” said. Joy blushed. She didn’t feel like a . The next day, the city newspaper wanted to a story and interview with Joy. Joy decided do it, because a little part of her to be famous.