4. Absentee Ballot


A: Are you going to vote on Tuesday?

B: Of course. How about you?

A: I've already voted.

B: How's that?

A: I sent in an absentee ballot.

B: Why?

A: I won't be able to vote on Tuesday.

B: Why not?

A: I have to work.

B: Why don't you go to work late?

A: I have important business to take care of that morning.

B: I see.


A: Will you be voting?

B: Yes. Will you?

A: I already have.

B: How did you do that?

A: I mailed in an absentee ballot.

B: Why is that?

A: I can't vote on Tuesday.

B: What's the reason for that?

A: I have to go to work.

B: You can just go to work after you vote.

A: I need to take care of some business that morning.

B: I get it now.


A: Do you plan on voting this Tuesday?

B: Yes. What about you?

A: I already voted.

B: What do you mean you already voted?

A: I had to mail in an absentee ballot.

B: Why'd you have to do that?

A: I'm not going to be able to vote this Tuesday.

B: Why is that?

A: I have to work this Tuesday.

B: You can always go to work late.

A: That same morning I have some business to take care of.

B: Oh, I understand.

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