3. Polling Place


A: Are you voting tomorrow?

B: Of course. What about you?

A: You know that I am.

B: Where is your polling place?

A: It's at the park up the street.

B: Oh, is that right?

A: Where's your polling place?

B: I have no idea.

A: How come you don't know where it is?

B: Nothing came in the mail telling me my polling place.

A: You should check online.

B: Oh, really? Thanks, I'm going to do that right now.


A: Are you going to vote tomorrow?

B: I sure am. How about you?

A: I am.

B: Do you know where your polling place is?

A: My polling place is up the street at the park.

B: Oh, really?

A: Where's yours at?

B: I'm not sure.

A: You should know that already.

B: I didn't receive my polling place in the mail.

A: You do know that you can look online, right?

B: I didn't know that. I'll go look right now.


A: Are you planning on voting?

B: Yes. Are you?

A: I will be voting tomorrow.

B: What's your polling place?

A: My polling place is at the park up the street.

B: Oh, yeah?

A: Yes, where is yours?

B: I don't know.

A: How is it you don't know?

B: The location of my polling place never came in the mail.

A: You can always just check online.

B: Let me go do that.

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