11. Going through the Customs


A: Could you tell me how to get my bags?

B: Just go straight ahead, down the escalator, and there will be signs directing you.

A: Where do we clear Customs?

B: You will pick your bags up first.

A: Should we have our passports out?

B: You should have your passport out and your Declarations form totally filled out before you get into line.

A: My friend here is continuing on to Puerto Rico, and we were wondering if she has to go through Customs.

B: Travelers who are continuing on to another country will check in over there and be directed where to go next. Their bags have been checked through.

A: Are there any restrooms in this area?

B: Yes, right over there after you pass through the line.


A: I have never arrived at this airport before and need to know where to go next.

B: Go to the end of the walkway, down the stairs, and to the right.

A: Do we need to clear Customs before we go get our bags?

B: You will clear Customs and Immigration when you have picked up your luggage.

A: What do I need to have out when I pass through Customs?

B: Make sure that your passport is out and that your Declarations form is complete.

A: My seatmate here is traveling through to Canada, and I told her that she probably doesn't have to clear Customs.

B: People who are not entering the United States should go to the left and follow the directions given to them. Their bags are already routed through to their final destination.

A: Can we use the restrooms before we clear Customs?

B: Yes, there is one right over there especially for this area.


A: Where is the luggage claim area?

B: You can get to Baggage Claim by going down the escalator and following the signs.

A: Don't I have to clear Customs before I go get my bags?

B: After you have picked up your bags, you will be directed to Customs.

A: Do I need to have this Declarations form filled out before I get there?

B: Do not get in the Customs and Immigration line until you have your passport out with your completed Declarations form.

A: My brother won't be staying in the U.S. but is continuing on to Mexico.

B: Passengers continuing on should check in with the attendant on the left who will direct them to where they can connect with their next flight.

A: Is there a restroom we can use in this area?

B: Of course, right over there on your left.

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