10. Picking Up at the Airport


A: Would you be able to pick me up at the airport next Sunday?

B: Sure, I would be happy to help you. What time are you arriving?

A: I will be arriving at 3:00 in the afternoon.

B: By the time you pick up your luggage, it will be around 3:30. What if I meet you outside at the curb?

A: That would be a good time to meet, but what if I am running late?

B: I can track your plane online. I can just put in the flight number and I can see if you are on time.

A: Can you make sure that you have your cell phone with you so I can call you?

B: Yes, that would be good idea.

A: If something happens and you can't make it, just let me know and I'll book a Super Shuttle.

B: Don't worry. I'll be able to pick you up.


A: I am flying in next Sunday and was wondering if you might be able to pick me up at the airport.

B: I can pick you up. What time does your flight arrive?

A: My flight arrives at 3:00 in the afternoon.

B: I think if I am at the curb at 3:30, that would allow you time to pick up your luggage. How does that sound?

A: I think that would work out well, but what if the plane is late?

B: I can call the airline, and they will tell me if the flight is delayed.

A: I am going to carry my cell phone so I can call you.

B: Yes, that would help us find each other at the airport.

A: If you find that you have to make other plans, I can always book a Super Shuttle to pick me up.

B: You don't have to take a Super Shuttle. I'll be there.


A: Could you help me out and pick me up at the airport next Sunday?

B: It would be no problem to pick you up. When is your flight arriving?

A: I am coming in around 3:00 in the afternoon.

B: I think that by the time we factor in half an hour to clear Customs, that maybe I should meet you at the curb at 3:30.

A: I will meet you at the curb, but how will you know if the plane is delayed?

B: Don't worry. I can track your flight on my iPhone browser.

A: I want to be able to call you on my cell phone in a pinch.

B: I'll make sure to keep my cell phone with me and turned on.

A: If it doesn't work out, just let me know and I can take a Super Shuttle.

B: You won't need to take a Super Shuttle. Just stay in touch and look for me!

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