18. A Traffic Incident


A: Hey man, you hit my car.

B: I really didn't mean to.

A: It doesn't matter, because you damaged my car.

B: It looks okay to me.

A: Look what you did to my rear bumper.

B: What's wrong with it?

A: My bumper is smashed in.

B: I didn't do that.

A: Your front bumper is just as damaged.

B: If you'd just give me your number and insurance, then I'll handle it.

A: Here. I'd better get a call from you.

B: Don't worry.


A: You ran into my car.

B: That was my fault. I'm sorry.

A: You messed up my car.

B: I don't see any damage.

A: My rear bumper is messed up.

B: I don't see anything wrong with it.

A: It's smashed in.

B: That's not my fault.

A: The same thing is wrong with your bumper.

B: I'll take care of everything. I just need your phone number and insurance.

A: I need your information too.

B: Here you go.


A: Why'd you run into me?

B: I didn't mean to. It was an accident.

A: You have completely damaged my car.

B: I did not. It looks perfectly fine.

A: You don't see what happened to my bumper?

B: What did I do to it?

A: You smashed my bumper in with your car.

B: I really don't think that I did that.

A: Your bumper looks exactly the same.

B: Look, just give me your insurance and number and I'll take care of it.

A: Give me your information, in case I don't hear from you.

B: Trust me.

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