12. Driving Through a Red Light

1. Repeat

A: Is there a problem, officer?

B: I stopped you for driving through a red light.

A: Did I really?

B: You didn't know?

A: I had no idea that I ran it.

B: Don't you know that yellow means slow down?

A: Yes, sir.

B: Why'd you speed up instead?

A: I really have no excuse, sir.

B: I'll have to write you a ticket.

A: I understand, and I am very sorry.

B: Here's your ticket.

2. Repeat

A: What's wrong, officer?

B: You do realize that you ran a red light, don't you?

A: I did?

B: You didn't see the red light?

A: I'm sorry for running it, but I really didn't know.

B: Didn't you learn that red means stop?

A: I know that.

B: Then tell me why you sped up on the yellow light.

A: I'm not sure.

B: I'm giving you a ticket for this.

A: I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

B: Maybe you'll think about this before you decide to run another light.

3. Repeat

A: Why'd you pull me over?

B: Are you aware that you drove through a red light?

A: I ran a red light?

B: Yes, you did.

A: I apologize, but I didn't realize that I did that.

B: Weren't you taught that yellow means slow down, not speed up?

A: I did learn that.

B: So, then why did you speed up?

A: I don't know what to tell you.

B: I'm going to have to write you a ticket.

A: I understand.

B: Here you go. Don't do that again.

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