11. Where to Buy a Pass


A: Have you bought your bus pass yet?

B: I didn't get it yet.

A: Why not?

B: I have no idea where to get it from.

A: You should've just asked me.

B: Well then, where do I get it?

A: You can get it from the student business office.

B: I didn't know that.

A: I know you didn't.

B: I appreciate you telling me.

A: No problem.

B: I'll make sure to get it tomorrow.


A: Did you get your bus pass?

B: I haven't gone to get it yet.

A: Why haven't you got it?

B: I don't know where to go to get one.

A: I know where to get them from.

B: Where do I get it?

A: They sell them at the business office on campus.

B: I had no idea.

A: I'm sure you didn't.

B: Thank you.

A: Don't mention it.

B: I'll buy it later on today.


A: Did you go and buy your bus pass?

B: No, I didn't.

A: When are you going to go get it?

B: I'm not sure where they sell bus passes at.

A: Why didn't you just ask me?

B: Where should I go?

A: You can get one from student services.

B: I had no clue that I could get it there.

A: I already knew that.

B: Thanks for letting me know.

A: You're welcome.

B: I'm going to go and get it right now.

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