10. The Bus System in LA


A: Can you tell me what bus to catch from Altadena to downtown LA?

B: You can catch the 486.

A: That bus goes all the way to LA?

B: I believe so.

A: Is the bus ride long?

B: It only takes 45 minutes to an hour.

A: That's all?

B: It's a pretty short trip.

A: Is there always a lot of people on that bus?

B: It only gets crowded once it gets to LA.

A: Oh okay, thank you.

B: No problem.


A: Do you know a bus I can take from Altadena to downtown LA?

B: I believe you can take the 486.

A: Will that bus really take me to LA?

B: It sure will.

A: Is it a very long ride?

B: It's a forty-five minute to an hour ride.

A: Really?

B: It doesn't take long at all

A: Do a lot of people ride that bus?

B: More people start getting on around LA.

A: Wow, thanks a lot.

B: Don't mention it.


A: Is there a bus in Altadena that'll take me to downtown LA?

B: The 486.

A: The 486 really goes downtown?

B: Yes, it does.

A: How long is the bus ride?

B: It's about forty-five minutes to an hour.

A: Is that right?

B: Yeah, it's not that long of a trip.

A: Is that a crowded bus?

B: It starts getting more crowded the closer you get to LA.

A: Thank you very much.

B: You're very welcome.

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