7. On a Wrong Bus


A: So, where is this bus supposed to take us?

B: It should take us back up to Altadena.

A: Don't you know for sure?

B: I'm not really sure if it does or not.

A: Are you sure we got on the right bus?

B: I've never taken this bus, but I think it's the right one.

A: This place doesn't look like Altadena.

B: That's true, and we have been on this bus for a while.

A: Read one of the street signs or something.

B: Yikes! Temple City.

A: That's the last time I'm trusting you with the transportation.

B: My bad, but at least we know the right bus to take us back.


A: Do you even know where this bus is supposed to go?

B: It should take us all the way up to Altadena.

A: Don't you know?

B: I'm not positive if it does or not.

A: Is this the right bus, or not?

B: I have never been on this bus, but I'm sure it's the right one.

A: Where are we? This is not Altadena.

B: I know, and we've been on the bus forever.

A: Tell me what the street signs say.

B: Oh my gosh, that one says Temple City.

A: Next time, I'll look for the bus myself.

B: I know, but now I know the bus that'll take us back.


A: Are you sure you know where this bus goes?

B: It should go to Altadena.

A: What do you mean it should?

B: I'm not completely sure if it really does.

A: Dude, are we on the right bus?

B: I'm almost positive that this is the right one.

A: It doesn't look like we're on our way to Altadena.

B: We have been riding this bus for a long time.

A: What does that sign say?

B: I think it says Temple City.

A: Yup, I'm never trusting you with the bus schedules again.

B: I'm sorry. But at least we know which bus to catch to get back where we started.

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