9. Not Accepted to a University

1. Repeat

A: You got a letter in the mail.

B: Give it to me.

A: What is it?

B: It's from NYU.

A: What does it say?

B: I didn't get accepted.

A: You can't be serious!

B: I'm serious.

A: Are you all right?

B: NYU was my first choice.

A: I'm sorry that you didn't get in.

B: I'll just have to wait for UCLA.

2. Repeat

A: There's a letter here for you.

B: Let me see it.

A: What's the letter about?

B: It's a letter from NYU.

A: Tell me what it says!

B: I didn't get in.

A: You're lying.

B: I'm not lying.

A: Are you upset?

B: I had high hopes for NYU.

A: I'm sorry you didn't get accepted.

B: Hopefully, I'll get accepted to UCLA.

3. Repeat

A: You received a letter in the mail.

B: Give it here.

A: Who's the letter from?

B: I think it's my acceptance letter from NYU.

A: I want to know what it says.

B: They didn't accept me.

A: Are you serious?

B: It's the truth.

A: Are you okay?

B: I really wanted to get into NYU.

A: I am really sorry to hear that.

B: It's okay. I'm still waiting to hear from UCLA anyway.

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