8. Asking a Professor to Write a Reference Letter

1. Repeat

A: Can you help me with something, sir?

B: What do you need?

A: Well, I was planning on transferring soon.

B: Where are you going to transfer?

A: I want to transfer either to NYU or UCLA.

B: I'm glad to hear that, but what can I do for you?

A: I was wondering if you could write a couple of reference letters for me.

B: Is that all?

A: That's all I need from you.

B: I can do that for you.

A: You're a lifesaver.

B: They'll be ready tomorrow.

2. Repeat

A: I need your help.

B: What do you need me to do for you?

A: I want to transfer pretty soon.

B: Where to?

A: I'm applying to both NYU and UCLA.

B: What do you need me to help you with?

A: Could you write two letters of reference for me?

B: Is that all that you need?

A: It would mean a lot to me.

B: I'll write a couple of letters for you.

A: I really appreciate your help.

B: Pick them up from me tomorrow.

3. Repeat

A: Do you think that you can help me?

B: What can I do for you?

A: I'm going to be transferring schools soon.

B: That's great! Where do you want to transfer to?

A: I'm going to apply to NYU and UCLA.

B: That's wonderful, but what do you need from me?

A: I need you to write a couple of letters of reference for me.

B: That's it?

A: Yes, that's it.

B: That shouldn't be a problem.

A: Thank you so much.

B: I'll have them ready for you tomorrow.

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