2. What College to Transfer to


A: What are your plans?

B: What plans are you talking about?

A: Your plans as far as college.

B: I want to transfer.

A: You want to transfer?

B: That's what I plan to do.

A: Where do you want to transfer to?

B: I want to go to school out of state.

A: Which state?

B: Maybe New York.

A: That would be a big move.

B: I'm still thinking about it.


A: Tell me your plans.

B: I'm not sure what plans you're referring to.

A: I'm talking about your college plans.

B: I'm going to transfer colleges.

A: Is that right?

B: That's what I'm working on doing.

A: Where are you going to transfer to?

B: I don't know yet. Somewhere out of state, probably.

A: Which state exactly?

B: New York would be nice.

A: That's pretty far away.

B: I know it's a big move. That's why I'm still thinking about it.


A: What plans have you made?

B: My plans as far as what?

A: Your plans for college.

B: Oh. I plan on transferring.

A: Oh, really?

B: Yeah. That's the plan.

A: What school are you transferring to?

B: I want to transfer to a school out of state.

A: Which state are you thinking of?

B: I wouldn't mind transferring to a school in New York.

A: That's on the other side of the country.

B: I know, but I'm still weighing my options.

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