14. Where to Buy What


A: I really need to go shopping.

B: What do you need to buy?

A: I need to look for a new bedroom set.

B: Where are you going to go look for one?

A: I have absolutely no idea.

B: You don't know where you want to look for one?

A: I'm not sure where they sell nice bedroom sets.

B: Do you want to know where I got mine from?

A: Yes, because I love yours.

B: I purchased mine from IKEA.

A: Is IKEA affordable?

B: Not at all, but you get what you pay for.


A: I have to do some shopping.

B: What are you going to look for?

A: I'm trying to buy a new bedroom set.

B: What store are you going to?

A: I'm not sure.

B: You don't know?

A: I have no idea where to find one.

B: Would you like me to tell you where I got mine.

A: I would appreciate that.

B: I went to get mine from IKEA.

A: Is the furniture at IKEA cheap?

B: They're not cheap, but neither is their furniture.


A: I'm going to have to do some shopping today.

B: Oh yeah? What do you need to go shopping for?

A: I want to find a new bedroom set.

B: Do you know where you're going to find your bedroom set?

A: I have no clue.

B: There's no particular place that you want to look at?

A: I don't know where to go to find a nice bedroom set.

B: I can tell you where I got mine, if you'd like.

A: Please do.

B: I bought mine from IKEA.

A: Are the bedroom sets at IKEA affordable?

B: Not really, but you're paying for quality.

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