12. Trying on a New Outfit


A: I want to go try on these clothes.

B: What did you find?

A: I found some jeans, and a new blouse.

B: Go and try it on.

A: What do you think?

B: I love that shirt on you.

A: What about the jeans?

B: They don't really fit you right.

A: I don't think so either.

B: That blouse is absolutely wonderful on you.

A: I'll just buy the shirt.

B: That would be a good idea.


A: I need to try these clothes on.

B: What are you going to try on?

A: I just found some jeans and a top.

B: Try it on.

A: How do I look in this?

B: That shirt looks great.

A: How do these jeans look?

B: They don't look nice on you.

A: I don't like them either.

B: I just like that shirt.

A: I'm just going to buy the shirt.

B: Good, because those pants are ugly.


A: I'm going to go try these on in the dressing room.

B: What clothes did you find?

A: I'm just trying on a pair of jeans and a shirt.

B: Go try them on.

A: Alright, how do I look?

B: You look great in that shirt.

A: What do you think of these jeans?

B: I don't like how those look.

A: I really don't think they look good.

B: That shirt looks great though.

A: I guess I'm just going to buy the shirt.

B: That would be wise.

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