9. Returning a Defective Item


A: How may I help you?

B: I would like to return an item.

A: What are you returning?

B: I want to return this cellphone.

A: Is there a problem?

B: It's broken.

A: What exactly is wrong with it?

B: The phone turns off by itself.

A: That's fine, but do you have your receipt with you?

B: Yes, here it is.

A: I'll refund your money right now.

B: Thank you so much.


A: How can I help you today?

B: I am returning something that I bought yesterday.

A: What would you like to return?

B: I'm returning a cellphone.

A: Was there something wrong with it?

B: It's defective.

A: What isn't working on it?

B: It keeps turning off on its own.

A: Alright, do you have the receipt?

B: I have it right here.

A: I'm going to take care of this and refund your money.

B: Thanks for your help.


A: What can I do for you?

B: I need to return something.

A: What do you need to return?

B: I need to return this cellphone that I just bought.

A: What is wrong with it?

B: It isn't working properly.

A: What is the problem with it?

B: For some reason the phone cuts off by itself.

A: I see, and do you have your receipt?

B: Here you go.

A: I'll take care of this right now.

B: I appreciate your help.

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