8. Not Delivered on Time

1. Repeat

A: I have a problem.

B: What's the problem?

A: My mattress was supposed to be delivered today.

B: Is there a problem?

A: The delivery people showed up four hours late.

B: I apologize for their tardiness.

A: I was late for work because of them.

B: Again, I do apologize for the inconvenience.

A: I want my money back for the delivery.

B: Seeing as they were late, that won't be a problem.

A: It shouldn't be a problem.

B: I'm going to refund your money right now.

2. Repeat

A: I'm having a problem.

B: What can I help you with?

A: I was supposed to have my mattress delivered today.

B: Was there a problem with the delivery?

A: The delivery people were four hours late.

B: I do apologize.

A: Since I had to wait for them, I was late for work.

B: I am really sorry about that.

A: I need my money back.

B: I can do that for you. That won't be a problem.

A: I know it shouldn't be a problem.

B: I'm getting your money right now.

3. Repeat

A: I have an issue.

B: What is it?

A: I had scheduled a delivery for today.

B: So, what is the problem?

A: The delivery was four hours late.

B: I'm so sorry for them being late.

A: I was late for work, because I had to wait up for them.

B: I do apologize.

A: I would like to be refunded my money for the delivery.

B: You will be refunded for the delivery. It'll be no problem.

A: I shouldn't have to pay for such horrible service.

B: I'll refund you your money right away.

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