6. Making a Shopping List


A: I'm planning on going to the market soon.

B: What are you buying?

A: I don't know what we need.

B: I can check for you, if you'd like.

A: I'll make a list.

B: First, we need eggs, milk, and bread.

A: Do we need any meat?

B: How about some chicken, ground beef, and some steak.

A: What else do we need?

B: Get some snack foods.

A: Is there anything else that we need?

B: No, but if you can think of anything else, just get it.


A: I need to go to the market.

B: Do you know what to get?

A: I'm not sure what to get.

B: I'll go check for you.

A: Tell me what we need and I'll write a list.

B: We need the basics. Like, eggs, milk, and bread.

A: What kind of meat do we need?

B: You should buy some steak, some chicken, and ground beef.

A: Do we need anything else?

B: Why don't you get some snacks?

A: Can you think of anything else?

B: Get whatever else that you need.


A: I'm going to the market in a little bit.

B: What are you going to get?

A: Do you know what we need to get?

B: Would you like me to check?

A: Alright, and I'll write everything down.

B: You need to buy bread, eggs, and milk.

A: Should I get some meat?

B: Yes. Get some chicken, ground beef, and steak.

A: What else?

B: We can also use some snacks.

A: You can't think of anything else?

B: You can get whatever else you want.

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