5. Getting Things Fixed


A: What can I help you with today?

B: My washing machine isn't working.

A: What's the problem?

B: The water will not drain.

A: Is there anything else wrong with it?

B: No, that's it.

A: I can come down and fix that for you if you'd like.

B: When will you be able to fix it?

A: How does this afternoon at 2:30 sound to you?

B: That would be perfect.

A: Alright, so I'll see you then?

B: See you then.


A: How may I help you?

B: Something is wrong with my washing machine.

A: Tell me the problem.

B: For some reason, the water won't drain.

A: That's the only problem with it?

B: That's the only problem.

A: Would you like me to come fix it for you?

B: Yes. When can you come fix it?

A: I can be there by 2:30 today.

B: That would be great.

A: I'll see you at 2:30.

B: See you later. Thanks a lot.


A: Did you need help with something?

B: I'm having a problem with my washing machine.

A: What is wrong with it?

B: The water isn't draining from it.

A: Is that the only problem?

B: Everything else is working fine.

A: I'm available if you'd like me to come fix it.

B: When exactly are you free?

A: I can come at about 2:30, this afternoon.

B: Sounds good to me.

A: I'll see you this afternoon.

B: Yes. Thank you.

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