17. Buying a Pan


A: I am looking for a pan.

B: No problem. What size would you like?

A: A big one would be nice.

B: How about this one? It's our biggest, 16" in diameter.

A: I like that one, but it's too heavy.

B: Okay, try this one. It's made of aluminum.

A: This is much better. But it has an aluminum handle.

B: Here you go. Same pan, but with a state-of-the-art, heat-resistant plastic handle.

A: That's perfect. I'll take it.

B: Great. Will that be cash or charge?

A: Wait a minute. What about a lid for the pan?

B: I'm sorry. I forgot to show you the lid. It comes with the pan.


A: I need a pan.

B: Okay. Do you have a particular size in mind?

A: The bigger the better, I think.

B: Look at this one. It's our biggest pan.

A: That is big enough, but it's too heavy for me.

B: Okay, we have the same thing in aluminum.

A: This is nice and light. But it has an aluminum handle.

B: Try this one. Same aluminum pan, but with a heat-resistant bamboo handle.

A: This is very nice. I'll take this one.

B: That's a good choice. How do you want to pay for it?

A: Cash. Oh, I almost forgot. I need a lid, too.

B: I'm so sorry. A lid comes with the pan. Here it is.


A: I'd like to purchase a pan.

B: Is there any particular size that you want?

A: I cook a lot of big meals.

B: What do you think of this one? It's a 16" pan.

A: That's the right size, but it's so heavy.

B: Well, look at our aluminum pan. It's much lighter.

A: Yes, this is very light, but the handle is also aluminum.

B: No problem. Look at this one. Same pan, but with a lightweight wooden handle.

A: Great. This is exactly what I was looking for. I'll buy it.

B: I think you'll love this pan. Do you want to pay with cash?

A: Yes. Oh, wait a second, please. What about a lid?

B: I'm sorry. I forgot to show it to you. Here it is. It comes with the pan.


A: Can you help me find a pan?

B: Are you looking for a small, medium, or large pan?

A: I want a big pan.

B: Does this one look big enough?

A: It's the right size, but it weighs too much.

B: Well, what do you think of the aluminum pan?

A: It's light enough, but the handle will get too hot after cooking.

B: Here's the same pan, but it has a space-age, heat-resistant plastic handle.

A: My family's going to love this one. I'll take it.

B: I'm so happy that you found what you wanted. Do you want to use a credit card?

A: Sure. Wait, wait. Does a lid come with this pan?

B: Oh, I'm sorry. Here's the lid. Yes, it comes with the pan.


A: I'm looking for a pan I can use in my kitchen.

B: What size pan were you thinking of?

A: I've already got a small pan. I need a big one.

B: Well, this one might work for you.

A: No, that's way too heavy a pan for me.

B: Here, lift this aluminum pan. It's the same size.

A: Yes, it's very lightweight. But I don't want this aluminum handle.

B: Here's a similar aluminum pan. But it has a heat-resistant handle.

A: This feels very nice. It's perfect. I'll take it.

B: I knew we'd find the right pan sooner or later. How would you like to pay?

A: Cash. But first, I need a lid for this pan.

B: Oh, no problem. Here's the lid that comes with the pan.

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