16. Going to an Antique Shop


A: I want to find an old music box.

B: We have a great selection. What decade are you looking for?

A: Do you have anything made in the 1920s?

B: We have six.

A: Do any of them have dancing figures?

B: Actually, two of them have dancing figures.

A: That's fantastic. I think I like this one.

B: A good choice. I prefer that one myself.

A: Is there any warranty with this?

B: Oh, no, I'm afraid not. These things are just too old to guarantee anything.

A: I understand.

B: Even if they break down, they're still works of art.


A: Excuse me. I'm looking for an old music box.

B: Any particular decade?

A: Something made in the 20s would be nice.

B: We had seven, but we sold one this morning.

A: Are dancing figures a part of any of the boxes?

B: You're in luck. Two of them have dancing figures.

A: These are great. I think I'll take this one.

B: Yes, that one is very nice.

A: Does this come with a warranty?

B: I'm sorry, but you just have to take your chances.

A: That doesn't surprise me.

B: Even if it doesn't work, it's a beautiful collectible.


A: Pardon me. I need an old music box.

B: Exactly how old a box do you want?

A: Actually, I was thinking about something from the 1920s.

B: We still have six left.

A: Do any of the boxes have dancing figures?

B: Dancing figures are quite popular. Two of the boxes have them.

A: I love the dancing figures. I'll take this music box.

B: Yes, I think you'll be very satisfied with that one.

A: I was wondering, does this come with any kind of warranty?

B: No. But if something goes wrong with it, I know someone who repairs these things.

A: I was just hoping.

B: It's amazing that these things still work as well as they do.


A: I want to purchase an old music box.

B: We have a good variety. What decade would you like?

A: I was hoping I could find something made in the 20s.

B: There are six on this table.

A: I hope at least one of them has dancing figures.

B: Many people like the dancing figures. Two of our boxes have the figures.

A: It's so hard to choose. I think I'll take this one.

B: That one will bring you many hours of pleasure.

A: Does a warranty come with this music box?

B: I'm sorry, but if it breaks down, you're on your own.

A: I just thought I would ask.

B: When you buy a Model T, you can't expect a warranty.


A: I'm searching for an old music box.

B: You came to the right place. Any particular decade?

A: If you had a box made in the 20s, that would be nice.

B: We just got one in yesterday, so now we have six.

A: Would any of them have dancing figures?

B: Yes, we still have two boxes left that have dancing figures.

A: They're both so beautiful. Let me have this one, I think.

B: That one truly is a beautiful piece of work, isn't it?

A: One last question: Do you provide a warranty with the box?

B: Oh, no. Everything we sell here is ‘as is.'

A: I guess I was asking for too much.

B: If it breaks down, maybe you can find a repairman on the Internet.

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