3. After Trying on the Sweater

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A: What do you think?

B: It looks great.

A: I would like to purchase it.

B: Will this be cash or charge?

A: Here, take my credit card.

B: Just sign here, please.

A: Sure. Here you go.

B: Here's your receipt. Have a nice day.


A: Does it look too big?

B: It looks like it was made just for you.

A: Yes, I like it. I'm going to get it.

B: How would you like to pay for it?

A: Here's my credit card.

B: Now, if you'll just sign here.

A: Yes. Here you are.

B: So long. Have a nice weekend.


A: Does it look too small?

B: It fits you to a T.

A: I agree. I'm going to buy it.

B: Cash or charge?

A: I'll charge it.

B: Sign here, please.

A: There you go.

B: Good-bye, and thank you for shopping here.


A: Does it look like a good fit?

B: It's definitely your size.

A: Yes, it is very nice. I'll take it.

B: How do you prefer to pay?

A: Let me use my credit card.

B: Now, if you'll just sign here.

A: No problem.

B: I hope you enjoy your purchase. Good-bye.


A: How does it look?

B: It's a perfect fit.

A: Let me pay for it now.

B: Cash, credit card, or debit card?

A: I think I'll use my credit card.

B: Your signature here, please, and we're finished.

A: Here's my John Hancock.

B: Bye-bye. Visit us again soon!

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