17. Moving Day


A: Is the moving van here yet?

B: Yes, it just pulled up to the curb. Here we go!

A: Could you double-check and make sure that everything made it into the boxes?

B: I have already done that. Would you like me to put our suitcases into the car?

A: Yes, this would be a good time to do that.

B: I am so glad that we took the time to pack our essentials into suitcases. It will tide us over until the van arrives at our new home.

A: Would this be a good time to pack the frozen food into the ice chest?

B: I think that we should wait until the very last minute to do that.

A: I am going to take the dog for a walk so that he doesn't get too stressed out as the movers are working.

B: Well, let's get started sweeping up and do a last minute cleaning.


A: Do you think that the moving van has arrived?

B: It's coming down the street even as we speak.

A: Could I ask you to make one last check to make sure that everything got into the boxes?

B: Relax. Do you need me to put the suitcases in the car?

A: Yes, let's do that right now.

B: It was such a good idea to pack a suitcase to have some things with us while we are waiting for the moving van to arrive on the other end.

A: Maybe we could pack the frozen food into the ice chest?

B: Let's wait until the van is almost completely loaded to take care of that.

A: I am sure happy that we dropped the cats off at the kennel so they aren't freaking out.

B: I am going to start sweeping up the floor. I want the new owners to not have to clean up a mess.


A: Could you check and see if the moving van is out there yet?

B: It just arrived. They are parking at the curb right now.

A: Do me a favor and do one last walk-through to check for anything that may not have gotten packed.

B: We've already double-checked everything. Should we put the suitcases in the car?

A: It is the perfect time to take care of that.

B: I am so happy that we didn't pack all of our clothes into boxes. The suitcase of clothes will help us get to what we need until our boxes arrive.

A: Should we empty the freezer into the ice chest?

B: Let's do a few more things and then take care of that as one of the last things we do.

A: Deciding to keep the birds at the neighbors until we leave was a good idea.

B: Let's sweep the floor on our way out so we don't leave too big of a mess behind.

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