16. Preparing to Move Out


A: Do you have any helpful hints for preparing to move out of my home?

B: The first thing I would do is to make a list of what needs to be done. Then number the items as to what can be done ahead of time.

A: What kinds of things should be on my list?

B: First would probably be to get rid of any extra things that you have by having a garage sale.

A: That is a good idea because I have way too much junk.

B: You also should schedule your moving van in advance.

A: Can I begin packing things ahead of time?

B: Yes, just keep in mind what you won't be using in the near future and pack those items first.

A: Should I schedule my utilities to be shut off?

B: You need to work that out ahead of time with your utility companies and the new owners.


A: I was wondering if you had any useful suggestions for how to prepare for our moving day.

B: Make a prioritized list of what needs to be done and when. Many things can be done ahead of time.

A: Can you give me some suggestions for my list?

B: Many people have a garage sale to avoid moving things that they no longer use.

A: That would certainly cut down on the price of moving.

B: Make sure that you take the time to schedule your moving van.

A: Would it be okay to get a head start on my packing?

B: Begin by packing things that you don't frequently need. Save only a few things until right before your moving date.

A: When should I have my utilities shut off?

B: It is best for you and the new owners to coordinate the transfer of the utilities and what needs to be turned off and on.


A: I want our moving day to go smoothly and am open to your suggestions.

B: I would suggest that you make a list and check off the items as you go along. The list will get shorter as your moving date approaches.

A: What things do people usually put on their moving-out list?

B: One thing that can be done ahead of time is to get rid of excess stuff by having a garage sale.

A: That would mean a lot less time wasted in packing up our things.

B: List scheduling your moving van as an item on your to do list.

A: Do people ever start packing a month or so before moving?

B: You can certainly start packing things that you won't be using right away.

A: I don't know if I should have my utilities shut off or leave them on for the people who are moving in.

B: You could simply have all the utilities shut off on the day you move out, but you might want to coordinate that with the new owners.

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