1. First Appointment with Realtor


A: I am interested in selling my home and would like to know what is involved.

B: You have come to the right place. When were you interested in selling your home?

A: I just received a job transfer and need to relocate right away.

B: How long have you been in your current home?

A: I have lived in my home for about 10 years.

B: As I am sure that you are aware, the market has fallen in the past year. People are more likely to make money if they have owned their home for a while.

A: Will I be able to recover the money I paid for my home?

B: It is hard to say, but whatever house you buy will also be costing you a lot less.

A: What is the next step in selling my home?

B: I would like to meet with you tomorrow to look at your property, and then you and I can figure out a contract.


A: I am looking for a realtor to help me sell my home.

B: I would be happy to help you with any questions that you might have. When

were you thinking of selling your home?

A: I am interested in moving up to a bigger home, but first I need to sell the one I now own.

B: Have you owned your home for a long time?

A: I just bought my home two years ago.

B: I think you probably know that the market is not all that great. You are more likely to see a profit if you have owned for 8 years or more.

A: Will I be losing money if I sell right now?

B: It is impossible to predict with certainty what will happen, but you can purchase a replacement home at a lower rate also.

A: What can I do next to get the ball rolling on this sale?

B: If it works for you, I would like to come over and see your home. Then we can draw up a contract.


A: I am considering selling my home and would like information on doing so.

B: It would be my pleasure to answer any questions that you might have. Were you interested in selling in the near future?

A: I am just checking out the possibility of selling, as I am thinking of moving to Hawaii.

B: Is your home a recent purchase, or have you owned it for a while?

A: The house has been in my family for years, but I just became the owner 6 months ago when my mother passed away.

B: Housing prices have fallen quite a bit. The longer you have owned your home, the greater the profit.

A: Am I going to lose my shirt selling my home right now?

B: It will all kind of even out. You may sell low, but you can also buy low.

A: What should we be doing to get the process started?

B: If it fits into your schedule, I could meet you tomorrow morning and we could take a look at your property. The next step would be us both signing a contract.

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