11. Asking Where to Make a Copy


A: I need to copy a document immediately.

B: We have a copy machine in our computer lab, located on the first floor.

A: Great! How much is it for a copy?

B: The price per copy is ten cents.

A: That sounds reasonable. I'll be down there immediately.

B: THere shouldn't be any long lines, sir.


A: I need to copy something right now.

B: Our computer lab on the first floor has a copy machine, sir.

A: Great! How much per copy?

B: Sir, one copy is ten cents.

A: I'll be down there shortly.

B: You probably won't have to wait for anyone, sir.


A: I need to make a copy of something at once.

B: There's a copy machine on the first floor in our computer lab, sir.

A: Fantastic! Is there a charge?

B: It's ten cents a copy, sir.

A: I'm only making one copy, so I guess I can afford it.

B: A dime is still a bargain, sir.


A: I need to make a copy of a document as soon as possible.

B: No problem, sir. There's a copy machine in our computer lab.

A: Very good. How much does each copy cost?

B: Each copy will cost you a dime, sir.

A: A dime? I remember when copies used to cost a nickel.

B: There aren't many things you can get for a nickel, sir.


A: Can you tell me where I could make a copy of a document right now?

B: Sir, you can come downstairs right now to the computer lab.

A: That's great. I don't suppose the copy machine is free for guests?

B: Sir, each copy is ten cents or one dime, whichever you prefer.

A: In the good old days, it was only five cents a copy. I'll be right down.

B: Those were the good old days, sir, indeed.

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