10. Asking for More Amenities


A: I'd like to request some more amenities.

B: Amenities? What do you mean by amenities, sir?

A: The free stuff, you know, the soap, lotion, shampoo, etc.

B: I see. Sir, if I may ask: Have you used up all the amenities in your room?

A: Not at all. I still have enough for the next few days.

B: Then what is the problem, sir?

A: I need some to keep as souvenirs!

B: Souvenirs?

A: Yes, souvenirs. Trinkets to remember my trip by!

B: We do have a souvenir shop on the first floor, sir.

A: That's not the same. I never pay for hotel souvenirs!

B: I'll call housekeeping. Someone will be up with more amenities shortly.


A: I need more amenities, please.

B: Could you be a little more specific, sir?

A: To be more specific, the free stuff, like soap, lotion, and shampoo.

B: I understand. Now, you're saying that you've already used up all your amenities?

A: No! I've got all I need for my stay here.

B: So, what's the problem?

A: I need souvenirs!

B: You want some souvenirs!

A: Yes, yes. Souvenirs.

B: But, sir, our souvenir shop carries all those items.

A: That's not the same thing. If you buy hotel souvenirs, they have no sentimental value.

B: I understand, sir. I'll call housekeeping. You'll have your souvenirs shortly.


A: How do I get more amenities?

B: I'm sorry, sir. I'm not sure I understand.

A: I'm talking about the free stuff, like soap and shampoo.

B: Oh, I see. So, you're saying that you've already run out of your amenities.

A: No, no. I've got plenty left.

B: Now I'm confused again! What is the problem?

A: What am I going to do about souvenirs?

B: Oh, I get it! You want souvenirs!

A: Yes, I've got enough soap for my use, but no extra soap for souvenirs.

B: Sir, our souvenir shop carries all those items, and as a guest you get a discount.

A: Please! Free souvenirs are the only true souvenirs.

B: I understand completely, sir. Housekeeping will bring you souvenirs in just a moment.


A: Yes, I need more amenities.

B: By amenities, exactly what do you mean, please?

A: You know, the things that are free, like the soap and the shampoo.

B: Okay, I got it. You've already run out of all your amenities?

A: No, I still have plenty left, even if I took three baths a day.

B: I'm more confused now than before. How is there a problem?

A: I need to take home some souvenirs!

B: Okay, finally I understand. You would like souvenirs!

A: Yes, souvenirs that I can take home and add to my collection.

B: If it's souvenirs you want, sir, just visit our souvenir shop. It has everything.

A: Are you kidding? Whoever heard of paying for hotel souvenirs?

B: No problem at all, sir. Housekeeping will deliver you all the amenities you like in a bit.


A: I need some more amenities, please.

B: I'm not sure I'm following you, sir.

A: Specifically, I'm talking about the little things, like soap and shampoo.

B: Oh, now I understand! So, you've already used up all your amenities?

A: No, I'm not even halfway through my supply.

B: I'm losing you, sir. What's the problem?

A: What's the use of going to a hotel if you don't take home souvenirs?

B: Okay, I got it. You're collecting souvenirs!

A: There you go. My friends expect me to bring home souvenirs.

B: Have you visited our souvenir shop, sir? It's loaded with all kinds of items.

A: I've never paid for a hotel souvenir in my life, and I don't intend to start now.

B: Sir, housekeeping will bring you a basketful of amenities momentarily.

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