16. Making a Doctor's Appointment


A: I need to make an appointment to see the doctor.

B: What seems to be the problem?

A: I have a rash that I need a doctor to look at.

B: Do you have a fever with that rash?

A: No, it just itches a lot.

B: I have openings on Tuesday or Wednesday. Which would be best for you?

A: I need an appointment on Tuesday.

B: Fine, I am putting you down for 9:00 on that day. Would you like to see Dr. Smith or Dr. Jones?

A: I would like to see Dr. Jones.

B: I can schedule you with him with no problem. We look forward to seeing you.


A: Good morning, I would like to make a doctor's appointment.

B: Can you describe your health concern?

A: I have been having skin problems that aren't going away.

B: Are you in any pain?

A: No. Except for the rash, I feel fine.

B: Would Tuesday or Wednesday be best for you?

A: I would like to come in on Tuesday.

B: I will write you in for that day at 4:00. You can see either Dr. Smith or Dr. Jones.

A: I would like to see Dr. Smith.

B: I will write you in on that doctor's schedule. See you then.


A: I need to come in and see the doctor.

B: Are you scheduling a check-up, or are you ill?

A: I have really itchy skin and think I may have to have it looked at.

B: Have you been feeling any joint aches with that rash?

A: No, but I have a low fever.

B: I have times available for Tuesday or Wednesday. Which one would work best for you?

A: I want to come in on Wednesday.

B: I can fit you in on that day at 10:00. Dr. Smith or Dr. Jones is available.

A: I would prefer Dr. Smith.

B: You can see the doctor of your choice then, and we will see you at your scheduled appointment time.

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