15. Having a Cold


A: How are you feeling today?

B: I have a terrible cold!

A: Where do you think you picked that up?

B: A lot of people in my gym have it. Maybe I got it from the equipment.

A: Have you taken anything for it?

B: I think that I am just going to rest and drink plenty of liquids for a while.

A: Yes, staying rested and hydrated is really important.

B: My mother also has this special potion with hot wine, cayenne pepper, and sugar that works miracles.

A: You might want to ask the pharmacist for his suggestions if you get any worse.

B: Yes, if my symptoms don't pass in a few days, I will ask for help.


A: You don't look so good.

B: I feel horrible. I think I picked up a bug.

A: Do you know who you got it from?

B: A lot of people in my dorm are sick. Perhaps I picked it up there.

A: Did you take any cold medication?

B: I've been taking vitamin C and zinc and trying to get some rest.

A: I think that rest and liquids are what doctors recommend for a cold.

B: My grandmother swears by hot chicken soup for a cold.

A: A pharmacist might be able to help you if your home remedies don't work.

B: Yes, if I get worse, I will definitely look for extra help with this.


A: You look a bit under the weather.

B: I am not feeling all the great. I think I have that crud that is going around.

A: I know that it's going around the dorms.

B: My boyfriend hasn't been feeling so well. Maybe he passed it on to me.

A: I have some cold tablets if you would like one.

B: Mostly, I feel like I need some rest and hot soup.

A: Drinking liquids and getting rest is a good idea with a cold.

B: My grandmother thinks that honey and whiskey is a good cure for a cold.

A: You could always go to the pharmacy if it gets worse and you want suggestions.

B: If things don't get better in a few days, I will look for some other solutions.

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