3. Ordering Cable Services

1. Repeat

A: I would like to order cable.

B: Sure, what package do you want?

A: What kinds of packages do you offer?

B: We have all kinds of movie channel packages.

A: What else do you have?

B: There is a package for all sports channels.

A: Do you have a package that includes all the movie channels with the basic channels also?

B: Yes, we do offer that package.

A: I want that.

B: Do you want anything else?

A: No, but is it possible for me to add channels later?

B: You can always get rid of channels or add some later.

2. Repeat

A: I want to get some cable.

B: Do you know what package you want to get?

A: What packages do you have?

B: We have movie channel packages.

A: What else have you got?

B: You can get the sports package.

A: Is there a package with basic and movie channels?

B: We have that package.

A: Let me get that package.

B: Is there anything else you would like?

A: That's everything, but can I add channels later?

B: You will be able to add or get rid of channels another day.

3. Repeat

A: May I order some cable from you today?

B: Okay, what package would you like to order?

A: I'm not sure of what packages you offer.

B: We offer packages with all the movie channels.

A: Are there any other packages?

B: We also have packages with all the sports channels.

A: I want a package that has the basic and movie channels.

B: We have that available.

A: I would like to get that.

B: Would you like anything else with your package?

A: That's it, but will I be able to add more channels at another time?

B: Yes, you can add or get rid of channels later on if you would like.

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