34. Calling the Landlord to Report a Leak


A: I have a problem.

B: What's the problem?

A: A pipe burst in my ceiling.

B: Why do you think that?

A: There is water dripping from my ceiling.

B: Is it causing a flood in your apartment?

A: No, but my carpet is getting wet.

B: How long has this water been dripping?

A: It only started leaking today.

B: I'll have someone come down to fix it right away.

A: That's great.

B: I apologize for the inconvenience.


A: I'm calling about a problem with my apartment.

B: Tell me what the problem is.

A: There must be a leaking pipe in my ceiling.

B: Are you sure?

A: There is water leaking from my ceiling.

B: Is the water flooding your apartment?

A: It's not flooding, but my carpet is beginning to smell.

B: Has it been leaking long?

A: I believe it began leaking today.

B: Someone will be right up to fix it.

A: I'd appreciate that.

B: Let me also apologize about the problem.


A: I have a problem that needs fixing immediately.

B: What is it?

A: I think that a pipe broke in my ceiling.

B: How do you know?

A: The ceiling is wet and water is dripping onto my carpet.

B: Your apartment isn't flooded, is it?

A: Not yet, but my carpet is wet.

B: When did this all start?

A: It just started today.

B: I will send a plumber up to fix it right now.

A: That would be fabulous.

B: I'm sorry about the problem.

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