98. Harrison Ford: The Great American Actor


Have you seen these Hollywood blockbusters, Raiders of the Lost Ark, American Graffiti, Blade Runner, Witness, The Fugitive, Patriot Games, Air Force One, and the entire Star Wars franchise? What do they have in common? Each of these landmark films starred the one and only Harrison Ford. Ford is, simply put, the most prolific Hollywood actor of his generation. No one else comes close. Ford got his start in film in the George Lucas film American Graffiti. The story behind Ford's involvement in the film is what Hollywood lore is made of. Ford was working as a carpenter on a job at Lucas' house when the Star Wars director discovered him. Lucas was so impressed by Ford that he gave him a supporting role in the movie. Ford has starred in many of Lucas' hits, most notably the original Star Wars trilogy.

Ford was born on July 13, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. He was an average student in high school, but he did have one passion: radio broadcasting. He served as voice of his high school football team his senior year at Maine East High School. It was there that Ford took a drama class so that he could get over his shyness. After graduating from college, Ford moved to Los Angeles in hopes of getting work as a radio voice over actor. He did not get the job, but he did sign a studio contract to appear in bit parts for $150 per week.

His film career is impressive, but he has not garnered the individual awards he has sought, specifically an Oscar. He was nominated for Best Actor for his role in Witness, but did not win, however. He has won many film industry awards throughout his career. He was honored by the academy with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

Ford is a life-long Democrat who has become politically involved in recent years. He counts former President Bill Clinton as one of his close friends. He favors gun control, and would like to curb the violence depicted in many Hollywood films.

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