61. The Picky Shopper in Maplewood

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In the town of Maplewood, there lived a woman named Lydia who was known throughout the neighborhood as the picky shopper. Every Saturday morning, she would embark on her quest for the perfect groceries. Her shopping list was carefully organized, complete with detailed specifications for each item. She wanted the roundest tomatoes, the crispiest lettuce, and the ripest avocados.

One sunny Saturday, Lydia set out for the local farmer's market. She examined every fruit and vegetable stand. The vendors grew anxious as Lydia's inspection delayed other customers. She was buying tomatoes. She examined each one, looking for the ideal shade of red and the perfect firmness. After a few minutes, she found three that met her standards. At the cheese shop, Lydia was equally particular. She sampled countless varieties. The patient cheesemonger watched as Lydia's expression shifted with each sample. Finally, Lydia chose one, declaring it "acceptable."

Lydia's shopping trips were notoriously long, leaving her fellow shoppers frustrated. However, Lydia didn't mind. She believed that her pickiness was the key to a perfect meal.