60. Texting While Driving

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Donna loved her smartphone more than anything else. One sunny afternoon, she hopped into her car to run errands. As she drove, her phone buzzed with a text message. She picked it up, and her eyes glued to the screen. In that moment, she became a part of a dangerous statistic - texting while driving.

Donna's attention shifted from the road to the screen. She didn't notice the red light ahead. A loud screech of brakes followed by a jarring collision shattered the peace of the day. Her car had plowed into the vehicle in front of her, causing a chain reaction of accidents. Thankfully, no one was injured, but the damage was done. The police arrived, and gave her a ticket. She felt guilty and foolish, and realized that she had jeopardized not only her life but the lives of others.

Donna learned her lesson. She vowed never to text and drive again. She became an advocate for safe driving, sharing her story with others to raise awareness about the perils of distracted driving.