18. Teen Learns about Manners

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Dennis, a teenager, was known for his incredibly bad manners. His story began on a sunny Saturday morning when he decided to have a small gathering at his house. His parents were away for the weekend. He invited a few of his friends over to play video games and enjoy some snacks.

As his friends arrived, Dennis greeted them with a grunt. He didn't offer them any snacks or drinks. While playing the video games, he controlled the controller and never let anyone else take a turn. During lunchtime, he raided the kitchen, taking all the best snacks for himself and leaving his friends with the crumbs. He talked loudly on the phone, and played music at an ear-splitting volume.

By the time the evening came, Dennis's friends had had enough. They decided to leave his house. They didn't invite him to join them for their next get-together. As they walked away, one of Dennis's friends turned back and said, "You seriously need to work on your manners, Dennis. You're not going to have any friends left if you keep acting like this."