17. Planting an Orange Tree

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One sunny morning, the Johnson family gathered in their backyard, armed with shovels. They were ready to plant a baby orange tree. The children, Emily and Jake, were excited. Their parents, Sarah and Mark, had always dreamed of having a backyard with fruit trees. Today was the day they had been looking forward to.

They dug a small hole in the rich, fertile soil, making sure the hole was just the right size. Emily carefully placed the small orange tree into the hole while Jake patted the soil gently around its base. "Dad, when will our orange tree bear fruit?" Jake asked, looking up with curiosity. "It'll take a few years, buddy," Mark replied. Sarah added, "We'll nurture it with love, water, and sunshine, just like we nurture you." The family named the tree "Sunny." They promised to care for it, just as they cared for one another.

Over the years, they watched Sunny grow taller and stronger. Its branches started bearing sweet, juicy oranges. In the shade of their beloved orange tree, the Johnson family shared laughter, memories, and countless glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice.