15. School Bus Friendships

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The school day had come to an end. The children were excitedly lining up outside the school, waiting for the yellow school bus to take them home. Among the students was Julie, a cheerful second-grader with curly brown hair. Her best friend, James, always wore a baseball cap. They stood at the front of the line, chatting about their day.

The bright yellow school bus soon pulled up. The driver greeted the kids with a warm smile as they climbed aboard. Julie and James found seats near the back. As the bus rumbled along the roads, the students chatted and laughed. The bus made several stops along the way, dropping off students. As the bus reached Julie and James' stop, they gathered their belongings and hopped off the bus. The school bus continued on its route, leaving behind a trail of laughter and friendship.

Julie and James walked together down the tree-lined street toward their houses. They knew that the next morning, they would eagerly board the yellow school bus once more, ready for new lessons and more wonderful memories.