8. School Detention for Her Son

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Rachel's phone rang. She picked it up. A voice on the other end informed her that her son, Thomas, had landed himself in detention for disruptive behavior in class. A rush of emotions flooded Rachel as she listened. Hanging up the phone, she stumbled to the window. What had gone wrong? What had led Thomas to this? Questions swirled in her mind, leaving her dizzy.

With a heavy sigh, Rachel composed herself and dialed the school's number, determined to unravel the mystery behind her son's sudden change. As she waited for the call to connect, her thoughts drifted to the challenges she had faced, and the sacrifices she had made to provide a stable life for Thomas. She couldn't imagine how her efforts could have resulted in this call.

The principal answered the phone. He detailed Thomas's behavior and the consequences he would face. Rachel listened intently, her heart sinking with each word. After the call ended, she sat in silence. She knew she needed to uncover the underlying issues and guide her son back onto the path of responsibility and self-control.