7. He Hated Math

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Alex was a twelve-year-old boy. He enjoyed gaming, but hated math. Mr. Thompson was the math teacher in his school. During his class, Alex's thoughts drifted to a world of adventure. His mind was filled with dragons to slay, treasure to uncover, and mysteries to unravel. Math problems, however, were the real puzzles he cannot solve.

Despite his struggles, Alex never gave up on his dream. He believed his true calling was out there somewhere, just not in algebra. So, he asked his friend Lily, who excelled in math, for help. Lily tutored Alex, explaining that fractions were like sharing cupcakes and geometry was like building block castles. Slowly, the math fog started to clear. Alex began grasping the basics of math.

One day, Mr. Thompson assigned a challenging problem on the board. Alex, raised his hand, took a deep breath, and solved it. The class burst into applause, even Mr. Thompson smiled. Alex now understood that math was a tool, Thanks to Lily, he no longer hated math classes.