4. Losing His House Key

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Joseph was known for being forgetful. One sunny afternoon, Joseph was playing in the backyard, running around. When it was time to go back inside, he realized that his house key was missing. He searched his pockets, but it was nowhere to be found. Panic set in as he imagined being locked out.

Joseph searched the yard. He looked under rocks, in the flower bed, and even in the sandbox. But the key was still not found. Frustration welled up inside him as he thought about how disappointed his parents would be. Joseph's neighbor, Mrs. Johnson, saw him, and offered to help him look for it.

Together, they combed through the yard. Soon Mrs. Johnson spotted the key hidden under a leaf. She handed the key to Joseph, who was overjoyed with relief. Joseph thanked Mrs. Johnson, vowing never to lose his house key again. As the sun began to set, Joseph went inside, with a valuable lesson learned, and appreciation for the kindness of those around him.