2. Running Out of Gas

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Tom was known for his love of adventure and his trusty old car, Rusty. Rusty had been with Tom for many years, and they had shared countless adventures together. One sunny day, Tom decided to go on a road trip to the nearby mountains. He packed a picnic basket, grabbed his camera, and hopped into Rusty. Excitement filled the air as he drove towards the mountains.

As Tom continued his journey, he started to notice something unusual - the gas gauge on Rusty's dashboard was inching closer to empty. Tom brushed it off, thinking he could finish the trip before needing to fill up. He was so busy taking pictures and enjoying the view that he lost track of time.

As he reached the mountains' peak, Rusty's engine sputtered and then came to a complete stop. The car ran out of gas! Tom felt embarrassed, and realized that he had made a big mistake by ignoring the gas gauge. He had to call for help and wait for someone to bring him a can of gas.