1. Back-to-School Shopping

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As summer vacation drew to a close, Diane eagerly prepared for her favorite annual adventure - back-to-school shopping. With a list in hand and a backpack slung over her shoulder, she and her mom set off to explore the local department store.

Their first stop was the stationery section, where they picked out colorful notebooks, pens, and a set of markers. Next, they came to the clothing department. Diane chose a pair of comfortable jeans, a few stylish tops, and a sweater. In the school supplies section, they found a trendy backpack with compartments for her books and gadgets. She also picked out a lunchbox featuring her favorite animal. Their final stop was the shoe department, where Diane selected a pair of sneakers that would accompany her on countless races with friends during recess.

With a cart full of essentials, Diane and her mom approached the checkout counter. As they left the store, Diane couldn't help but smile, knowing that the new school year held endless possibilities. Her mom could see the excitement in her eyes.