88. A New Friend

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Sandra was an eight-year-old girl. Her best friend used to be her neighbor, who had unfortunately moved to another state about a month ago. Sandra was upset about her friend's move. They still send emails and text messages to each other to keep in contact, but she already felt their friendship falling apart.

Recently, a new family had moved into the house where her friend used to live in. It was a family of four, a married couple with two children. One of the children was a five-year-old boy, and the other was a girl who was one year older than Sandra. Sandra's mother and father had gone over to introduce themselves as neighbors. Sandra's mother suggested Sandra head over and do the same. Sandra was not fond of the idea. Nonetheless, Sandra's mother insisted and forced her to introduce herself to their new neighbors.

When walking over, Sandra noticed the five-year-old boy of the neighbor's family playing in the mud in their front yard. Sandra approached him and said, "Hi, I'm Sandra. We are neighbors. What is your name?" The boy looked up at Sandra and yelled, "I'm Benjamin!" He then flung a mud ball at Sandra. She screamed in shock. Benjamin's older sister then ran out of her house to see what was going on, and noticed Sandra with mud all over her shirt.

Benjamin's sister apologized to Sandra and scolded Benjamin saying, "Benjamin, apologize! Why did you do that?" Benjamin replied yelling, "Because she killed my men and stepped on castle!" Sandra then noticed she was standing right on his toy soldiers. Sandra then apologized and Benjamin's sister began to laugh at her and said, "Don't worry about it! I'm Jessica. What's your name?" The two began talking. It was the beginning of a new friendship.

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